Wednesday, November 12, 2014

TV collaboration - part 3

Hello everyone! This is another outfit I was wearing on the tv show a month ago. I simply love the jacquard red skirt, and I find it very elegant, chic and feminine, easy to wear in different ways. As usual the pictures are taken with the phone so the quality isn't good 
and for that I am sorry. I have to apologise again for my absence but juggling between 3 jobs and university isn't easy. 
Hopefully if the things go according to my plan I will have more time in the future.
 I have uploaded some pictures with this skirt in another combination so that you can see it better. 
Which one do you like most?
I wish you all a wonderful week! See you soon! kisses

Skirt:  Artigli (Elena Chic)
Top: Liza Lu (Elena Chic)
Jacket:  Liza Lu (Elena Chic)
Corset: BONBON (Elena Chic)

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Lots of love <3

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