Monday, April 13, 2015

Floral dress on the set

Hello everyone! How are you ? I hope you are all fine and enjoying life. I have come back with another look from the TV collaboration. It’s a sexy floral feminine dress designed by Fashion Concept by Carmen Radulescu. It has a bit of a gipsy inspiration in  it and it looks amazing on anyone. I wore it twice because I fell in love with it. The first time I wore it, I was shooting for a calendar with some of my colleagues from TV, and it was a beautiful experience, it was fun, we talked and laughed a lot and felt so natural that at the end we couldn’t believe it’s over. You have the pictures below where we were playing around. The second time I wore it was on the TV Show because the host of the show fell in love with it too. The quality of the pictures isn’t good because they were taken in a hurry with our phones. I hope you like them too and this time I thought that it would be nice and fun to post pictures on the set.
P.S.1 – I love the white dress with floral print too , it is a variation of our traditional costumes styled and modernized of course. If you want to see how our traditional costumes look like you can check out my last post here .
P.S.2 – I have opened a facebook page where you can see more pictures. You can check it out here and press the like button if you want to see more. I will update it as much as I can, but be patient please because I am just starting all this. 

Dress : Fashion Concept by Carmen Radulescu

- Backstage at the calendar shooting
 Here I was standing and playing around in front of the Bijuteria Teilor Banner. They are a very popular jewelery brand here in Romania with very beautiful and unique pieces.

- Backstage at the TV Show
I am usually caught off guard, with my eyes closed or talking :D

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