Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Mornings

Hello everyone!!! I have come back with a new post. I realised today that I'm not posting as often as I should or as much as I want to, and I'm not sharing more details about my life and my projects with you, but that's about to change. 
First of all I want to tell you that the TV collaboration had ended a month ago, and I am gonna post those outfits soon. It was such an incredible experience and I met a lot of beautiful and talented people as well as some of the city's most important public figures. I miss those times when I was running from university to the TV set, wearing make-up all day, sometimes for more that 12 hours a day. I know what you probably must think: 12 hours make-up not looking great, but somehow I managed to keep it on my face looking actually good, just having to fix small parts of it. It was insane but I liked it, the rush, the emotions before the show, the beautiful dresses I wore, the fact that I was reading live on the show, and I was responsable with the whole planning on the set and the surprises for the guests. It felt empowering, and made me become more confident about myself. It has been a wonderful year filled with many beautiful memories

As most of you probably realised, I'm working with a talented photographer, who's also one of my friends. We are trying to shoot as often as we can, given that we both are in university and our schedules don't always match. We have many ideas for photoshoots and we're trying to make them all come true. I have posted already two of the shoots we made: The chandelier and Snowdrops. This is the third shoot I'm posting and I like it very much. Natural light is perfect for taking pictures and we took advantage of this. we tried to capture that moment in the morning when you're drinking a cup of coffee to help you wake up, because we all know waking up in the morning can be pretty hard sometimes and for some people coffee is like a fuel. Not for me though, I don't usually drink coffee. I was wearing a white shirt from Zara Man and a pair of shorts from Zara. You can see them here. Soon I'll post another shooting from a few days ago so stay tuned for more pictures. I hope you like this post. Wish you all a wonderful week. kisses 

Shirt: Zara Man
Shorts: Zara

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