Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fields of Gold

Hello everyone!!! It's weekend and it's 1:07 AM. I've been busy this past couple of days planning some events and this is the only free time I have to post so here I am <3.  I'm a bit tired because I've been working all day running from one place to another trying to find all the things that we need for the events. But enough work related talk, I said I'll be back  this weekend with a special post about a beautiful shooting so here I am.

These pictures were taken almost 3 weeks ago. Andrei and I wanted to shoot some pictures with baloons but... they broke one after another :D. so we were a bit sad that we didn't get the result we wanted but then we started walking in the park and found beautiful places to shoot some pictures. First we found the boats and of course I had to take pictures in one of them. After that we found reed near the river and it was a beautiful natural light and the picture resulted to be one of my favourites. Then we walked down an alley by the river and shoot those beautiful pictures where I'm sitting on the pier. I like them very much especially because the wind was blowing my hair and it was refreshing because outside was really hot for an early May day. I was wearing a very beautiful and comfortable dress that I love, not only because it's a floral print but it has a soft fabric. We thought this flamboyant dress would be perfect with colourful baloons. Anyway I really like the final result and I hope you'll like it too. You can check out more of Andrei's photos here. He is a really talented photographer. It's late now and I have to go to sleep. Wish you all a wonderful week! kisses

Dress: Poema
Suede platform boots

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