Sunday, May 31, 2015

Walking my own road

Hello everyone!!! It's Sunday and I was free this weekend so that means I finally got time for myself to rest. As you know from my previous post, on Friday I went to Bucharest, and then came back the same day, had a little barbecue party with my friends, and yesterday I was at the pool to get some tan. I thought that the sun wasn't strong enough so I didn't use a lot of protection cream and got a little burnt :D but I'll be okay. So that being said let's get back to our beautiful blog post I told you about.

This shooting is from a week ago. I went with Andrei to a closed road, fresh painted and shoot some pictures because no car was supposed to pass by, and we took advantage of that. I really like the idea of having and walking my own road, without looking around, being free and careless. I played a bit with the long black dress and I really like the results ( especially the second picture ). We then went to a park to shoot some more and Andrei gave me his hat and I started fooling around like a spinner on the ground, wearing heels and feeling dizzy afterwards, but I'm really glad that my inner child came out because the pictures resulted are joyful and sincere.

The black and white pictures were shot under a bridge near the river. It was a really good idea to go out there because the wind was stronger and we chilled out after shooting in the hot weather outside. I realise now looking through pictures that my hair is really long and it looks kinda ombre but you should know that my hair is natural, I have never dyed it . It's just the way sun played with my hair(and the fact that I didn't cut it for 2 years). I hope you guys like this post and the pictures. What do you think about it ? Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Wish you all a wonderful week! kisses

Dress: H&M
Bag: H&M
Hat: Zara Man
Suede platform boots
Grandma's vintage jewelery

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