Friday, June 5, 2015


Hello everyone!!! Yesterday was Thursday but I couldn't post, so here I am now with a new look from the show. What better way to end the week and start the weekend than a blog post ? It was a crazy week for me filled with university projects, but I'm finally done. I just have 2 more exams next week and then I'll be free.. well almost free, I will still have some events to organise but I'll have more free time and hopefully I'm gonna shoot a lot of pictures to show you.

Now let's talk about this look. I felt like I posted too many black dresses lately and wanted to change that. Of course you can never have too many black dresses. They are elegant and you can never go wrong with black, but we should have a diversified wardrobe and include bright colours too. I couldn't give up on black so this beautiful dress has a black lace band underneath the breasts and I think this completes perfectly the cream-coloured dress I wore. In the picture above I was promoting pearls necklace and earrings made by a talented local jewelry designer. The other pictures are made before the show started and I was having fun with Alex the cameraman. This dress was a bit tricky to wear while standing on the chair because it has a high slit from the beginning of the black lace band all the way down, but it was alright. I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures but they were made as usual with the phone and in a hurry. 

I hope you guys like this post and the dress. (P.S. - I took off those bracelets during the show) What do you think about it ? Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Wish you all a wonderful weekend! kisses

Dress: Innocenti Sposa
Jewelry: Alina Bijou

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