Sunday, June 21, 2015

Black sheer midi dress

Hello everyone!!! It's Sunday and it's raining outside... again ... yesterday was raining too. I don't know what is happening with this weather but I probably should stop talking about it now because this isn't a forecast about the weather. Do you remember this shirt ? I recently shot some pictures with it and as soon as they are ready I will show them to you so you can see it better. But until then let's return to our black sheer midi dress post from today.

This is an older shooting but I think it deserves to be up on the blog because the pictures are really beautiful. It started as a wicked witch shooting as you can see in one of the pictures below with the puppet and the evil look on my face ( I have other photos in which I seem even more evil, but I didn't wanted to scare you guys, so I kept them for myself :D ). It just so happened that a man brought some goats to pasture, and one of them decided to pay us a visit and appeared in one of our photos. It was perfect for our shooting, because as you probably know, goats are considered to be used in wichcraft. After we had our fair share of fun with our wicked witch shooting, we saw a beautiful sunset, and we thought it would be nice to shoot some photos in that awesome light. We were right about it. The shooting took a different turn from that moment on, and I was no longer a wicked witch, but an innocent girl who was reading a book in the sunset light on a window from her secret place.

I was wearing a black sheer midi dress, which is one of the trends of this summer. It has a sequins band under the breasts, but the dress is with 2 numbers bigger than me, so unfortunately I can't wear it. But as you can see it was perfect for the shooting and Andrei shot really nice pictures. 
( I stopped writing for a moment to take a beautiful picture of the sunset because I'm crazy about sunsets. You can see the picture I just took on my instagram profile @sinziananegres. )

So what do you guys think about this shooting ? Please let me know. I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions. I wish you all a wonderful week. See you next time. kisses

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