Thursday, June 11, 2015

Shades of grey

Hello everyone!!! A new Thursday a new post! I have come back after a week of absence. As I told you in the previews post I have exams this week. Actually tomorrow is the last one, so keep your fingers crossed for me please ^^ ! 

I was scrolling through photos earlier and realised I don't have many pictures left to show you, because most of them are taken in a hurry, and they are group photos and you can't see properly the dresses. As I was wondering which photos to post today, I came across these and couldn't resist them, mostly because of the ones with  that cute little boy named Ianis if  I remember correctly and I do. He was full of energy during the entire show, and kept running from one corner to another and finally we got to convince him to take a photo with us, but he barely stayed put. As you can see, Ana and I had the same dress. but in different shades of grey. We were dressed like twins. I find them both very beautiful and easy to wear. We took these pictures before the show started, so we didn't had our heels on, but I think it looks really nice with these Zara black boots too.

Stay tuned for a weekend post. It's a recent shooting with Andrei. I hope you guys like this post. What do you think about it ? Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Wish you all a wonderful weekend! kisses

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Dresses: Artigli
Boots: Zara

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