Sunday, August 9, 2015

Portraits - Useful Tips

Hello everyone!!! Another beautiful Sunday has passed and I was being tourist in my own country . It's a nice feeling to visit new places and discover how beautiful they are, especially when they are so close to you. But this is a story I'm gonna be telling you about very soon. Today I'm going to to show you some beautiful portraits. Andrei took these pictures some time ago, but I never posted them on the blog, and I think it's about time to do it. As you can see, they are taken in different seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter - the summer one is already posted on Fields of Gold ). I love every one of them and I think each one has something special, a message, a feeling,..

In the first picture we were indoors. I really wanted to shot this idea with red rose, lips and nails, and dark hair colour, makeup, dress and background. I know it looks like I'm staying comfortable but it wasn't that comfortable, as I had to stay on a 45 degrees angle on my right side. As you can imagine we had to shot a bunch of pictures from various angles to get the best picture, and my right side was already numb until we were happy with the result, but it was all worth it. 
In the second picture it was summer, you probably know this picture as it is part of another post. I think this is the most comfortable picture from this set of four, but it had just a tiny moment of discomfort, when Andrei reflected the sunlight straight to my face and it went straight in the eyes. The normal reflex each human has is to blink, but I had to keep my eyes open for a moment longer and afterwards they were filled with tears. 
In the third picture it was autumn, and we just shot the wicked witch pictures. On our way out of the forest we found a fallen tree, and Andrei got an idea. So I had to climb the tree, lay on my back and I was a bit scared because it was pretty high, and the tree wasn't that solid. But somehow I found a way to forget about it and focused on what Andrei was telling me. It is really important to communicate with your photographer and listen to what he says - it is crucial if you want your photos to look good, because he knows what angle is the best for you, where is the better light, how it looks on your skin, and more, so you should always listen to your photographer.
In the last picture it was winter as you can see, and it was freezing cold outside (you can tell by the skin colour of my hands). I was wearing just that sweater and a tank top beneath it. I was in knee high snow, maybe a bit more, and my boots were soaked in water. That means Andrei was going through the same thing as I did, but he had a jacket on, and that's a plus of comfort :D. I'm really proud about all the pictures and I love each one of them.

So at the end of the post I can sum up some useful tips for beautiful portraits, based on my experience:
- Focus on what you want to transmit no matter how uncomfortable you are
- Communication with your photographer is the key of a good picture
- Always keep your eyes open
- You should feel comfortable with your photographer
- If you are feeling uncomfortable, remember that most of the times, so is the person behind the lense
- Sacrifices must be made in order to get a good picture
- Patience is the key of success
- It's all about the little details
- Good lighting is crucial for a good portrait
- Keep your chin up, but not too much
- Don't use a lot of makeup because it won't look natural
- Keep a natural feeling as much as you can
- Rest the night before taking pictures
- Find a nice and quiet place to shoot pictures
- Try to have fun while posing

These past days were quite busy so I had to skip the thursday and friday posts (I always say I will plan ahead but I just finished sorting through pictures :D ), but I will be posting this week and hopefully we will have a new section on Tuesday ( it will not be a regular one because I can't travel each week but I really hope to do it more often because I love it). For daily updates follow me on instagram @sinziananegres. Stay tuned and be sure to check out the Tuesday Travel Diary.
I hope you guys like this post. Please let me know what you think about it in the comment section below. I'm looking forward to hear your opinions and suggestions. I wish you all a wonderful week. See you next time. kisses

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Lots of love <3

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  1. The photographs turned out beautiful, and those were some really good tips!
    Thanks Sinziana!

    1. Thank you very much! I'm really glad you liked it! <3 :*