Thursday, July 23, 2015

Behind the scenes - TV show

Hello everyone!!! I'm beginning this post telling you that I am sick ( just the common flu ... but during the summer, which is even worse because it is really hot outside and I feel like I'm suffocating and I need air, so I open the window and this is not good for me.) My throat is aching, I can barely breath and I feel like sneezing all the time, but I just can't sneeze. I know I'm supposed to drink hot beverages, but how can I when outside it's like 35 to 40 celsius degrees? And on top of that , how can I resist eating ice-cream ? There are so many temptations, so being sick in the summer it's like hell. Not to mention that today I wanted to shoot some pictures but tears flowed from my eyes like I was crying, and I had to cancel it. So this is the way my free week looks like :D. Funny huh ?!

So after two weeks without a Thursday post, I have come back with this one, with photos from various nights on the show. I decided it is better to show them to you this way instead of having 2 or 3 photos a post. A few of them you might have seen in previous posts, but some of them are new, and there are a lot more that I didn't post because there were too many people in them. No worries I still have some of my former colleagues in a few of these photos. I'll let the photos speak to you because I am feeling really bad and I am probably gonna go to bed right now. :D

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.  Please let me know what you think about it. If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me. I'm looking forward to it.  I hope tomorrow I'll be able to post some inspirational photos so stay tuned and be sure to check them out. Now it's time for me to go. Have a lovely night!

Dresses: Fashion Concept by Carmen Radulecu
Innocenti Sposa
Liza Lu
And of course romanian traditional costumes

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