Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday inspiration - Drawings and sketches

Hello everyone!!! It's another Friday so I have come with another inspirational photos. You'll find this post a bit different because  it's all about sketches and drawings. I am amazed by how real they appear to be and I just love that. I found these pictures on instagram, and I saved like a ton of them. I just couldn't stop saving them. The author is very talented. I heard about him when I read an editorial on You can follow him and see his work on instagram @shamekhbluwi. You'll love what you'll see. Oh and how I wish I could just wear these magical dresses and just take pictures in them, not to mention if I would ever have them... (Now it's time for me to try and draw something similar :D )

I hope you like these sketches and drawings, and find them inspirational. What do you think about them? Aren't they dreamy ?
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! kisses

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Lots of love <3

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