Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday inspiration - Swimsuits - Summer trends

Hello everyone!!! It's Friday so that means the weekend officially started. I'm really glad that I prepared this post last night because today I wouldn't had a chance to do it . Today's inspiration post is all about swimwear.

I came across some really nice editorials on Bloglovin' and I felt like I have to share these photos with you, in case you missed them. They are gathered from 3 different magazines and I mixed them (Martha Hunt - Ocean Drive Magazine, Emily DiDonato - Maxim Magazine, Chanel Iman - Hamptons Magazine).
As you know, this summer is all about one-piece swimsuits, and I think these ones are pure perfection. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them, especially the white ones ( I think white is the colour that emphasizes tanned skin the most of all colours ). 

I hope you like these photos and find them inspirational. What do you think about them? Will you adopt this summer trend with one-piece swimsuits?
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! kisses

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