Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday Travel Diary - Climbing tips - Romanian Mountains, Iezer-Papusa

Hello everyone!!! It's a bit late, actually it's over midnight but, I finally finished sorting through photos, and as I promised you in the previous post, here I am with a new Tuesday Travel Diary. These photos were taken a month ago or not even a month has passed. Anyway it was a family trip, and we were gone for the whole weekend camping on the mountain so I had no cell service (and that's when I stopped posting on instagram so often and until now I haven't managed to get back on track but I'm working on that too ). As I told you, we were camping, so we slept in tents, and that means no electricity either, so I had to manage with just one full battery for almost 3 days (but I did it). It's been hard because I wanted to take pictures everywhere on our way to the top of the mountain but I had to restrain myself. 

We started our journey to the top, from the bottom of the mountain, having to climb through a neverending forest (seriously in looked like it wouldn't end :D ). After that we had in front of us a sea of yellow as you can see in the first picture (my phone didn't capture that awesome colour and I had to edit the pictures, but it isn't the right colour.. it was like a golden field). It seemed no big deal to get up there but, as we walked the distance seemed even longer, but that was because we were walking straight ahead in a burning sun and with few water provisions. Anyway, as we arrived on that peak you see in the picture it started raining. A cold rain followed by a strong cold wind and we waited for it to pass but it rained cats and dogs for a half an hour and we were soaked in water. Even when we thought it couldn't be worse it started to hail on us. We patiently waited for it to be over but we couldn't continue our journey for the highest peak of the mountain so we had to turn around and go to our tents. It was a looong way 'till there and our clothes were wet and the wind was blowing like crazy. Fortunately some of our clothes in our backpacks had managed to stay dry and we quickly changed them and went down on the mountain.

It was an interesting experience. Wasn't my first time climbing a mountain but it was the first time I was caught by rain and had to endure it without a roof over my head. It got me unprepared but it taught me a lesson: "Always be prepared for anything!", so next time I'll be properly prepared. So at the end of this experience I can sum up some useful tips from when you will go camping and climbing, based on my experience:
- Pack warm clothes because there's a big temperature difference
- Be sure that you have waterproof clothing with you when climbing. the weather is unpredictable
- Wear climbing boots, it's important for your foot to have as much stability as you can provide
- It's important to stay hydrated so take as much water as you can carry with you
- Pack some snack, you're gonna get hungry
- Take chocolates with you for energy
- Use a climbing stick, It's gonna take some of the weight off of your shoulders  
- Everything in your climbing backpack has to be packed in plastic bags

I hope you guys like this post. Please let me know what you think about it in the comment section below. I'm looking forward to hear your opinions and suggestions. I wish you all a wonderful week. See you next time. kisses

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  1. Frumos peisaj <3 Nu am fost acolo pana acum :)


    1. Da, peisajul este superb dupa ce urci portiunea de padure in care e totul anost :)).
      Sa te duci chiar e frumos. Dar iti recomand sa te duci pe timp de vara.
      Eu am stat la cort, in camping la Cuca, dar poti sa stai si la cabana.
      Te pup! :* <3

    2. Da, clar vara ca-i mai cald..Sa vad pe cine conving sa ma insoteasca :)))
      Te invit pe blog, te-am nominalizat la un tag: http://madebyirinar.blogspot.ro/2015/09/the-versatile-blogger-awards-tag.html

      Pupici! :*